Childhood experiences usually molds a person into who they become. For Monique, it began the day she became a mother at 15. Despite the odds, she was determined to continue her journey and now a mental health professional, mother of 3, wife and doctoral student. As a mental health advocate, she has a passion to bring healing through mental wellness to the underserved minority communities.  She embraces and believes in women empowerment.

When she isn’t studying she enjoys, all things Marvel, Netflix binging, GOT, pillow talk with hubby, reading books that elevate the mind, watching her children and grow their talents, and indulge in yummy foods!  And yes she watches reality TV, no judgment!



Satoya is a multi-passionate, enneagram loving, creative entrepreneur that cares deeply about overall health and wellness, self-improvement, and redemptive living. She is a professional vocalist and redemption facilitator through her blog community, Practicing Redemption. She also has a holistic beauty business, Uncommon Beauty Collective, where she serves her community by providing specialized beauty services, classes, and education.

When she isn't hanging with her high school sweetheart, daughter, and pup, she is usually partaking in a Netflix series or reading a book while enjoying a warm cup of golden milk. With a sprinkle of cinnamon. Because it's delicious.